An Ultrasound Training Tool for Removing Kidney Stones


Real Image of An Ultrasound Training Tool for removal of Kidney Stones.

The Kidney Phantom contains:

- Normal shaped soft tissue (parenchyma).
- Urinary collecting system that can be filled (and drained) with contrast medium.
- An aberrant calyx (e.g. facing anteriorly).
- Approximately 3 stones with various Hounsfield Units spread through the calices and pyelum.
- A tumor in the peripheral parenchyma.
- A Cyst (Bosniak 2/3: with septa) in the peripheral parenchyma.
- Red: kidney tumor.
- Yellow: cyst with septum.
- Grey: kidney stones.
- At the ureter side of the phantom, a 3-way luer-lock is connected.



Specifications :
Urinary collecting system that is representative of the human anatomy, a ureter, that becomes a wider pelvis, that has approximately three branches (calyces).
One of these calices (preferentially lower pole) facing anteriorly.
Must be able to fill (and drain) urinary collecting system with contrast medium.

Suitable for: OEMs. medical devices simulation, robotic system calibration, hospitals, clinics, med schools training and demonstrations.
Download PDF: An Ultrasound Training Tool for Removing Kidney Stones PDF
Technology developed with the collaboration of the scientists from NRCC-National Research Council of Canada and surgeons at the department of urology at the London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario, Canada.
Patent Pending.