Thyroid Phantom

Thyroid Phantom & Surrounding Tissues Mimicking Device for Ultrasound Applications

Thyroid Phantom
Yezitronix' Ultrasound Thyroid Phantom Model S-TD-2.3 is a multiple usage phantom developed for training and simulation of medical procedures such as ultrasound guided surgery, needle biopsy and ultrasound scanning. Its ingenious and versatile design makes our thyroid phantom an incredibly useful tool for training of medical procedures.

The thyroid phantom construct mimics the exact 3D shape of real sick person's thyroid.

All organs & tissues are correctly adjusted to mimic exact ultrasound echogenicity

Ultrasound image of the thyroid phantom.

Thyroid Phantom image schema

Schematic of the thyroid phantom lesions and cysts.

Thyroid Phantom photo png

Brachytherapy template included with the model.

Specifications :
Multi-layer material - each tissue or organ is independent and has its own characteristics, echogenicity and mechanical properties.
Multiple usage of the same packaged phantom during an extended period of time.

Enclosure dimensions:
L= 20.5 cm; W= 14 cm; H= 9.3 cm.

Components :
Download PDF: Thyroid Phantom PDF
Technology developed with the collaboration of the scientists from NRCC-National Research Council of Canada and surgeons at the department of urology at the London Health Sciences Centre in Ontario, Canada.
Patent Pending.
All components are based on Yezitronix' new unique MajesticMix material.
Speed of propagation ~1540m/s.